Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Don’t Forget to Pack These Items for your Caribbean Vacation

Packing for a Caribbean vacation is a lot like packing for any other tropical destination: bringing protection from the sun and heat is key! Below you’ll find some tips on things to bring, as well as things you may forget to bring.

1. Make sure you have all of your travel documents in order, as well as secured in a safe but accessible place. This includes a valid passport, driver's license, airline tickets and/or boarding passes. A pocketbook or outside pocket of your carry-on bag is ideal for holding these, since you'll need easy access at the airport and upon arrival at the hotel. Also, be sure to pack copies of prescriptions for medications, which should be carried in their original containers.

2. In your carry-on bag, pack your toiletry bag and at least one change of clothing, as well as a bathing suit. In the case that your luggage gets lost, being able to slip on a swimsuit and wait poolside for your bags beats sitting in your room. Also, bring some small bills for tips and cash for cabs and other services.

3. In your toiletry bag, besides the usual, don't forget to pack lip balm (hot sun equals chapped lips), bug spray (especially useful for hikes or other inland activities), etc.

4. Within reason, pack light. The less you pack, the less you have to carry. Most clothes appropriate for the Caribbean are lightweight to begin with, and can be worn more than once on a trip. Don’t forget to bring: socks and underwear, at least two pairs of cotton, khaki, or linen pants (these are lightweight and dry quickly; leave your denim jeans home), plenty of shorts (can double as a swimsuit in an emergency), and t-shirts. For the evening or excessively air-conditioned hotel lobbies and restaurants, bring a light sweater or jacket.

5.For the beach, pack at least two swimsuits (nothing is more annoying than putting on a soggy bathing suit, which dry slowly in the muggy tropics), multiple pairs of UV-rated sunglasses, waterproof sunscreen (SPF 30 minimum), a brimmed hat (to protect your head, face, neck and ears from the sun), and a sarong or wrap (for women). Also, don’t forget to bring some aloe vera to soothe the inevitable sunburn you’ll most likely get.

6. Bring a small backpack or cloth bag along to throw your stuff in when you head to the beach or off on an excursion.

7. Don’t forget to pack a camera! Bring plenty of film and/or digital media from home, as these can be expensive in the islands. Also, don’t forget to pack your film in your carry-on to prevent damage from heavy-duty x-ray machines used to inspect checked bags.

8. If you plan to snorkel, bring your own: this is one item you won’t want to rent, but probably won’t think about bringing until it’s too late. On the other hand, you may find it easier to rent golf clubs or tennis racquets than to pack your own.

9. And lastly, don’t forget to leave some space for souvenirs you plan to buy. It’s better to under pack a bigger suitcase than to have to carry around shopping bag(s) through the airport on the way home.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thinking about traveling overseas? Head to Isla Margarita!

Here are the top 8 reasons Isla Margarita is a true Vacationer’s Paradise:

1. Beautiful Beaches – Isla Margarita is the home to over 70 unique beaches. Those that top the list are Caracola Beach, Playa El Agua, Playa El Yaque, and Playa Caribe. Isla Margarita has even been named one of South America’s Top Beach Resort Destinations!

2. Historical Cities and Landmarks - Isla Margarita is home to many historical forts, churches, and museums. Some of the sites you must check out on your visit are: The Ruins of Caranta Fort, Francisco Narvaez’s Art Museum, and Porlamar Lighthouse.

3. Windsurfer’s Paradise - Windsurfing got its start on Isla Margarita due to the areas strong, warm winds and warm water, and has since become a windsurfer’s paradise. Isla Margarita is now recognized as one of the top five windsurfing destinations worldwide and is known by many as the ‘Capital of Windsurfing’.

4. Plenty of Water Activities - The crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea offer many water activities including boogie board rentals, ski boat rentals, jet ski rental, water skiing, wake boarding, boat charters, fishing boat rentals, kayaking, parasailing, canoeing, rafting, snorkeling, scuba diving, and so much more!

5. Duty Free Shopping – Isla Margarita has been exempt of duties and taxes since 1975, thus providing tourists and residents with an excellent opportunity to acquire top brand name goods at no name prices. Be sure to check out the Sambil Shopping Complex, Galerias Fente, Jumbo, and the AB Commercial Center.

6. Adventurous Excursions – Excursions on Isla Margarita are definitely the best way to see the island, its surrounding areas, and overall, experience the enchanting beauty of the Caribbean. Be sure to check out these excursions: Los Roques, La Blanquilla, Coche, Cubagua, Araya, Canaima, Delta del Orinoco, and La Gran Sabana.

7. Delicious Local Restaurants - When visiting Isla Margarita, be sure you have a chance try a few dishes local to the island. Make sure to try Casa Caranta, El Pacífico, or Nikkei.

8. Tropical Weather - Temperatures on the island are fairly consistent at 80 degrees, and although located in the Caribbean, it is not in the hurricane belt.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Above and Below the Waters of Caracola Beach and Spa Resort

Above the Waters: Windsurfing
Caracola Beach and Spa Resort offers guests a multitude of water activities but nothing will ever be more popular in this area then windsurfing. Windsurfing, which got its start on Isla Margarita due to the areas strong, warm winds and warm water, has become a windsurfer’s paradise. Isla Margarita is now recognized as one of the top five windsurfing destinations worldwide and is known by many as the capital of windsurfing.

Playa El Yaque is the most famous windsurfer destination on Isla Margarita and attracts more and more windsurfers annually. The shallow waters here provide the perfect conditions for both the beginning windsurfer and the more advanced surfer practicing maneuvers and tricks.

Even if you are not a windsurfer, Playa El Yaque is a great destination to experience and you will definitely enjoy a great show. You may even be lucky enough to catch a professional windsurfer practicing for the Professional Windsurfing Association competitions which take place on this beach each year.

Below the Waters: Scuba Diving and Snorkeling
Isla Margarita, home to Caracola Beach and Spa Resort, offers some of the best Caribbean scuba diving and snorkeling locations in the area. The two most popular snorkeling and dive locations close to Isla Margarita are Los Frailes and Isla Cubagua.

Los Frailes is a group of about five small uninhabited rock islands that are ranked as the absolute best diving place around the island. Its location provides the presence of large sea nutrients, which make it a place of great biological diversity.

The main attraction at this location is the abundant and diverse underwater life. Visibility may fluctuate between 6 to 20 meters (18 to 60 feet), depending on the season and the day’s conditions. Los Frailes also offers small platforms, canyons, and smaller caves for exploring.

Isla Cubagua is one of the sister islands of Isla Margarita and is a popular location due to the wreck of a sunken ferry divers can explore. The cars of the ferry are still intact and provide an excellent photo opportunity. This location is truly recommended if guests are looking for adventure.

What also makes this location interesting is the diversity and abundance of fish. Massive schools of Grunts, Grouper, and Trumpet Fish become background for more exotic species including the Bannerfish, the Vieja (a Sea Bass species found only in South America), and Electric Rays hiding in the sand.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Helpful Travel Tips When Visiting Isla Margarita

Transportation: The public transportation systems on Isla Margarita will take you around the island, but if you are in a hurry it is better to choose another alternative, such as a taxi.

Water: The consumption of tap water is not recommended, instead drink mineral or filtered water.

Travel: Isla Margarita offers many different ways to get to the island. The easiest way is by plane from Caracas, via the Simón Bolívar International Airport in Maiquetía, using any major international airline to reach Caracas, and then taking a local airline to the island itself. Another way to get to Margarita Island is by ferry from Puerto La Cruz or Cumaná. Today, the ferry company offers different types of ferries, some of them will take you in about 4 hours however the ferry express will only take you 2 hours.

Currency: US dollars are widely accepted in the commercial establishments, as well as traveler’s checks and credit cards. Almost any foreign currency is negotiable in banks or an exchange house, as well as in hotels.

Communication: On the island you can find newspapers, both regional and national; they have five TV channels as well as 9 broadcasting AM and FM stations. Isla Margarita has direct international calling, but if you prefer, you will be able to access an operator for assistance by calling 122. You can also find companies offering all types of communication services, fax, e-mails, satellite access, etc.

Documentation: In order to enter, it is necessary to have a valid passport, a tourist visa, or a tourist card that is given in the port of origin.

Public Telephones: You will find many public phones spread throughout airports, hotels, restaurants, and streets. These phones operate with prepaid phone cards, which can be bought in any library, drug store, newspaper stand and many other kinds of shops. Santiago Mariño International Airport also rents out cell phones for those looking to take a phone with them where they go.

Tipping: At the bottom of the restaurant and bar bills, you will notice a percentage added for service. Apart from that, and naturally depending on your satisfaction with the service, it’s custom to leave around an additional 5%. Tips are also very welcome at tourist excursions, bellboy services at the hotel, etc.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Must Visit Cities Around Caracola Beach and Spa Resort

When you are visiting Caracola Beach and Spa Resort, you must visit the nearby cities. Each city offers something different in terms of history, entertainment, and sightseeing. Below you will find a summary of a few of the surrounding cities.

Porlamar- This is the biggest city on Isla Margarita and is known for its commercial center. It has a wide variety of shops and restaurants, sure to appeal to every taste. Boulevard Guevara, a narrow, store-lined road, is the best place to shop at good prices. Porlamar has the highest concentration of shops, restaurants, bars, and dance clubs on Margarita.

Pampatar- This is about 6 miles northeast of Porlamar but is much more picturesque and calm. Founded in 1535 around the Island's most protected deep-water harbor, Pampatar still retains much of its colonial-era flavor and architecture. The main attraction here is the Castillo de San Carlos de Borromeo, which was constructed entirely of coral and built on the waterfront of the town center to protect the bay of Pampatar. Across from the fort, you'll find the Iglesia de Santísimo Cristo del Buen Viaje, a church of great importance to the sailors and fishermen of Isla Margarita.

La Asuncion- This is the oldest city on Isla Margarita and is the capital of the Federal State of Nueva Esparta. It is also the center of the commercial and manufacturing industries, which include the growing of cotton, sugarcane, coconuts, and cassava. The city's church, La Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, is said to be the oldest in Venezuela. A few minutes from the center of town is the Castillo de Santa Rosa, another of the island's historic and battle-worn forts.

The Panaderia San Juan Bosco is another very famous attraction in La Asuncion. Here you can enjoy sweets made the old-fashioned way such as Pan Aliñado (seasoned bread), Rosquillas (ring-shaped pastry), and Cocadas (a macaroon made with milk and coconut).

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Enjoy Family Fun While Visiting Caracola Beach and Spa Resort

These are two places you must check out while visiting Caracola Beach and Spa Resort with your family.

Margarita Tropical Gardens and Labyrinth

Be sure to visit the Caribbean’s only multi-species labyrinth, Margarita Tropical Gardens and Labyrinth, open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:30am to 5:30pm. Here you will be accompanied by monkeys and other entertaining species as you wander through a maze of tropical plants and unique trees.

This one-of-a-kind park is divided into four areas. The first area includes vegetation which grows between sea level and 400m above sea level, including different species of cactus, spiny bushes, and the emblematic tree of Nueva Esparta, the Guayacan.

The second area, The Flower Garden, includes the greatest number of flower species on Isla Margarita. Here you will also come in contact with mango, native plum, bananas, sugar cane, and guava trees.

The third area includes plant species which grow above 400m sea level, which consists of bromeliads, orchids, callas, fern pal trees, and climbing ferns.

The fourth area consists of a pond where you can watch and interact with some of the tropical fauna, turtles, black spiders, royal parrots, a boa constrictor, and a Capuchino monkey named Pancho.

Kingdom of MUSIPAN

If you are looking for a way to entertain your children, be sure to visit The Kingdom of MUSIPAN.

The Kingdom of MUSIPAN is a tourist based theme park based on the descriptions of Benjamin Rausseo, who is a well-known humorist of the area. The theme park offers its guests a variety of different swimming pools, waterslides, and restaurants to enjoy. The park also offers an animal farm, children’s play area, theater, and cinema.

While there, don’t miss the professional greased pig capturing contest, which is the official sport of the kingdom!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why Choose Caracola Beach and Spa Resort for your Next Vacation?

If you are looking for the perfect Caribbean vacation, you need to check out Caracola Beach and Spa!

Resort Amenities

• Three themed restaurants
• A nightclub
• Convention hall with capacity for 2000
• Mini-market
• Duty-free high-end retail shopping
• Salon
• State-of-the-art sport and fitness center
• Luxury spa
• Beachside activities center
• Four infinity pools, complete with water slides, lazy river, and tropical swim up bar


With over 70 unique beach on Isla Margarita, you are bound to fine the perfect one that suites you. Below are the five must check out beaches:

1. Playa Caribe - It offers a quiet and relaxing atmosphere with quite a few good restaurants along the coastline, plus some nice caves for exploring near the end of the beach.

2. Playa El Agua–This beach offers many activities including several water sports, micro plane rides, concerts, nightlife and many hotels.

3. Playa Parguito –Here you will find some restaurants which open early and serve breakfast, while others open from noon until early evening. If you walk down to the ends of the beach you will find great lookout areas that give a nice overview of the area.

4. Playa El Yaque – This beach attracts people from all over the world to surf, kite, or swim because of the shallow, warm water that extend several hundred meters from the shore.

5. Playa Manzanillo- It is a small beach but never very crowded. It is 900m long and 25m wide and its quiet waters offer an ideal swimming location.


The Resort’s location on the Caribbean Sea provides an abundant amount of outdoor activities where guests can enjoy the beautiful scenery, as well as the fairly consistent 80 degree temperatures throughout the year.

Caracola Beach and Spa Resort, located on Isla Margarita, offers:

• Remarkable golfing locations
• Numerous hiking grounds from mountainous rain forests to sand flats
• High end duty-free shopping at locations such as Tommy Hilfiger, Benetton, and Tiffany’s
• Horseback riding
• Extraordinary scuba diving and snorkeling locations with abundant and diverse underwater life
• Uninhabited islands for exploring
• National parks, forests, lagoons, and beaches
• Historical forts
• Windsurfing

For more information about Caracola Beach and Spa Resort, please visit